Sunday, February 7, 2010

Popular Tattoo Design: Teeth Tattoo Ideas

Okay, even I was thinking about my imagination even so bold as to tattooing and vary for inspiration. However, there was popular in America. Does a tattoo on his teeth, a tool created by some brilliant practitioners of dental clinic near Boston, found that quickly turned into fashion. The most popular tattoo is a portrait, but also the small footprint printed sull'incisivo pets seem to be appreciated. Color is clear the people of the tattoo from the skin, but the color (actually a bit 'off) is used to repair dentures and disguised in the teeth.

The cost obviously is based on fluctuating market prices: from 50 euros to 300 per tooth. If before Goldie was in her mouth, lined with solid gold, is now clearly a relic of the nineties. Who will be the first (stone?) Stars to launch-style tattoo on your teeth? In the meantime, we keep this news between tattoo ideas. You never know that we are contributing to the birth of mania in Italy.

Popular Tattoo Design: Teeth Tattoo Ideas

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